A real estate agency that will make you feel good.

Do empathy, cordiality and helpfulness belong in the real estate market? Yes!
For us, our clients are not just another item on the to-do list. On the contrary. We perceive their stories and look for solutions that suit them first and foremost.

You won't hear sentences like "We eliminate asset allocation risks" from us. We speak English with our clients, intelligibly and with a smile.

We are happy about every rented apartment, every nice photo for an apartment for sale, every "thank you" from our our clients.
We will also listen to you, calmly explain and during our entire cooperation we will check whether everything is running as smoothly as it should.

Because we think humanity is elemental. Elementary decency.










Rental property

He came, he saw, he lived.
Do you want to live in the bustling city center, or do you prefer a quiet location in the suburbs? In 90% of our apartments, you will find complete equipment down to the last lamp.

Do you offer an apartment for rent? We will arrange a professional photographer, homestaging, advertising on our websites and the largest real estate servers. We will arrange showings of the apartment and consult with you about prospective tenants. Are you looking forward?

Property selling

He came, he offered, he relaxed.
A lot of paperwork you won’t have to deal with. We will save time for both sellers and buyers thanks to a complete legal service: we will prepare a purchase contract, arrange a notary, provide handover protocols, negotiate the transfer of a cooperative share or a transfer in the real estate cadastre.

Professional photographer, homestaging and advertising on our website and the largest real estate servers is a matter of course.


Property management

He came, he handed over, he stopped worrying .
An apartment, a block of flats, a farm, a logistics center, a castle or a palace? We will take care of your property from a technical and administrative point of view.

Call us when you’re buying, renovating or renting a property and we will take care of routine maintenance and emergency situations, approval, utility transfer, inspections and even a regular mowing of the lawn for you. Thanks to our contacts (and not only) to quality craftsmen, the property management will run smoothly and quickly.

Complete care

He came, he requested, he enjoyed.
Thanks to our experience in rentals, sales and property management, we can mix a cocktail of services for you on request.

We will screen prospective tenants or transfer a cooperative share. You can also involve us in the reconstruction of the apartment – we will arrange reliable workers and builders directly from Hradec Králové and the surrounding area. We provide real estate and household insurance, loans for mortgage financing or liability insurance.

Let us worry for you

Including tedious paperwork

Element Realty

We are a real estate agency in the center of Hradec Králové. We offer complete real estate services, including long-term property management.


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